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30 COMMON SENSE relationship expires, the affection will increase, or that we shall agree, better, when we have ten times more and greater concerns to quarrel over than ever ? Ye that tell us of harmony and reconciliation, can ye re-…

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28 COMMON SENSE.of each province, for and in behalf of the whole province, by as many qualified voters as shall think proper to attend from all parts of the province for that purpose ; or, if more con-venient the representatives may be…

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COMMON SENSE 25 swer, that England being the king's residence, and Ame- rica not so, makes quite another case. The king's nega- tive here is ten times more dangerous and fatal than it can be in England, for there he will scarcely…

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24 COMMON SENSE. I rejected the hardened, sullen tempered Pharoah of England forever; and disdain the wretch, that with the pretended title of FATHER OF HIS PEOPLE can unfeelingly hear of their slaughter, and composedly sleep with their…

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COMMON SENSE. 23 I am not induced by motives of pride, party, or resent- ment to espouse the doctrine of separation and independance ; I am clearly, positively, and conscientiously persuaded, that it is the true interest of this…

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COMMON SENSE. 17 any other account and who will always be our enemies on the same account. Let Britain wave her pretensions to the conti- nent, or the continent, throw off the dependance, and we should be at peace with France and Spain…

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14 COMMON SENSE. In short, monarchy and succession have laid (not this or that kingdom only) but the world in blood and ashes. ’Tis a form of government which the word of God bears testi- mony against, and blood will attend it. If we…

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INTRODUCTION. PERHAPS the sentiments contained in the follow-ing pages are not yet sufficiently fashionable to pro-cure them general favor; a long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at…
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